10 Oct

  • By Mr Wilson

This page is here to get the support and input from members of the community

We all know that there are really interesting stories out there and current affairs events we would really like to encourage our children to access. Rather than waste time on games, the productive use of the internet is how we would like to direct and support students.

We are asking parents and community members to offer some safe and age appropriate sites to guide students through this process.

Every week we will post a HOT TOPIC which you can ask your children to look at. Maybe this can be a subject for mealtime conversation.

This is not a compulsory task, or assessed by teachers- hopefully it will generate interest and direct students into productive downtime on computers.

Let’s kick off with this

‘Is HS2 a black hole for money or will it drive economic growth?’



The BBC article sets out the case

For the older student