We believe that one feature of the school that all visitors see on arrival is the drive and motivation to the ‘Learning to Learn’ culture which is embraced in the very fabric of the school. Visitors comment on the students’ high levels of personal resilience and exceptional behaviour that permeates the whole atmosphere of the school.

In addition to the wonderful students we have exceptional support from the families of the students and the wider community that supports and drives the school forward. Responses to parents evenings, activity weekends, to improve the fabric of the school and general responses to any fundraising activities are simply of a level other schools can only wish for. Trustees are always to hand and commit their time and efforts tirelessly to ensure the children are totally supported.

The staff at the school represent all that is best about the profession. We are never content with what we provide, always seek improvement and are reflective to drive standards up.

We are determined to ensure every child makes at least expected progress  We currently have over 96% at this standard. We are equally determined to ensure our attendance hits our own target of 97% as a minimum.

The school places massive store in the concept of Self Directed Learning and Self-regulation. We have students that live and embed these principles in everything they do.