What the staff say!


Mrs O’Connor:- History/Politics and Senior Teacher “Working at Focus School – Stockport is fantastic, as you feel everyone is pulling together to make the school a success. Teachers, students and parents are all motivated every day to make the school the best it can possibly be.”




Ms Qadar:- Primary teacher “Focus School Stockport is a warm stimulating learning environment where students are thoroughly engaged and committed to flourish in their learning.”



Mrs Brown:- Primary teacher “Focus Stockport is a great example of where teachers, students and families all work together in partnership to make sure that every child maximises their potential. The primary school is a happy and secure environment where the children truly love to learn and constantly exceed our expectations. It is a privilege to work here.”


Mr Duffy:- Humanities “The school is a truly inspirational place to teach. The students are in a league of their own when it comes to focus and drive, and the level of support is excellent, both within the school and from the wider community”.


Mr Hobson:- Food Technology It is a pleasure to come to work to an environment where everyone is working together helping each and every person achieve their full potential. Especially now in a professional kitchen environment


Mrs Cottrell “It is a privilege to work in a school where staff and students are encouraged and supported to reach their highest potential. In an environment where students share the same motivation and vision for world class education, there are no limits to what can be achieved.”


Mrs Murphy Having the privilege to work at Focus School Stockport Campus is both refreshing and inspirational. I now understand the concept of job satisfaction!

Mrs Ski- English


Mrs Ski English Teaching at Focus Stockport is an enthralling experience where all staff and students are totally committed to achieving their very best in a supportive and happy environment .


Miss Campbell Admin “A place where staff and students work together in support of each other; the honesty and loyalty of both is outstanding.”



Mrs Fleming -Headteacher’s PA and Data Manager “I am completely amazed by the level of commitment shown by staff and students. The choir is absolutely fantastic.”




Ms Stewart MFL Focus Campus is a happy, productive place of work for students and staff alike. Everybody knows how they can achieve their best and that they are surrounded by people who will help make it happen.