The role of parents in supporting the progress of their children is understood and its impact is incredible. Where it does not take place schools crumble.

The very reason for the existence of FSSC and indeed every Focus School and OneSchool is because this important partnership is central to the heart of the schools rationale.

The Sutton Trust with its work with the Educational Endowment Foundation identifies parental support as the number one for positive impact on outcomes. This partnership is essential to our success and we seek here to be a point of communication and support to strengthen this link as much as possible.

Don’t forget to go to the useful documents tab for the Homework Wall, the Parent and Student Handbook, the School Improvement Plan as well as keeping a keen eye on our news items such as the newsletter. FLT are now going to be taking over student and parental surveys (as a way of having a standardised understanding of how the various sites are doing) and we will ensure the outcomes of these are placed here as they appear.

If any parent wants to visit just contact the school and Mr Wilson or one of the leadership team will do everything possible to give a guided tour and discussion as to what we are doing. We always enjoy these events.