The International Quality Standard focuses on 5 key areas to support the most able

1) Effective teaching and learning strategies-quality first teaching is at the very centre of everything we do for all students. Ensuring progress, differentiation and teaching styles ensure maximum pace is the key to improving the learning experience for every student

2) An enabling curriculum – the provision reflects the specific needs of students, we are driven by the needs and applications the learning at the school can bring to maximize the opportunities for every students. We have a curriculum that expresses the ability and needs of the community as well as has the adaptability  to meet the specific needs of each child. Hence we offer bespoke 6th form and GCSE courses for students that need individual support to get the very best possible.

3) Assessment for learning-assessment and using progress measures to drive every aspect of the school is clear to anyone who looks at the school. The data collection system drives CPD, teaching and learning, monitoring, student self assessment, planning, staffing – in fact everything we do!

4) School organisation- From the issues raised above you will see that everything we do is child centered. Student progress is the rationale for our leadership structure, the role of the tutor, the student leadership model, the rewards system and much more.

5) Strong partnership beyond the school. The CAP system of every child being invested in from Brethren businesses. It is an incredible system that supports students at a level hard to imagine exists elsewhere. This system is further supported with partnerships that help monitor and evaluate our effectiveness -such as the ITT programme the school has with MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University) along with JMU and Chester University

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