wb 20th Nov


wb 13th Nov 2017

wb 6th Nov 2017

wb 30th Oct 2017






19th September


1th September

wb 3/07/17


wb 19/06/17


wb 05/06/17

wb 12thMay 17


wb 8th May 2017

wb 27th March 2017


wb 20th March 2017



Wb 13th March 2017


The call of honour is made to parents of students that the Headteacher has seen during the week make a specific and

substantial contribution to the life of the school. In some cases it could be academic, others pastoral. It is simply a high profile and prestigious acknowledgement from the head that these students have been

Wb 6th March 2017



Wb 6th Feb 2017

Wb 30th Jan 2017 (never happened before- all of Y11)


Wb 23rd Jan 2017


16th Jan 2017

Wb 2nd Jan 2017