Care and consideration of others is exceptionally important to all in the school. There can be few schools that take their commitment to others as seriously.

What is important about how charity events and campaigns are organised is that they are generally as a result of the true nature of compassion within the student population.

We seek to widen our work in the community by

  • Developing the reflection that occurs through the action of support for others
  • By deepening our understanding of others and creating a culture of empathy and sympathy
  • By educating ourselves of the lives of others. So assemblies from charities such as Wellspring, Mental health and disability groups help us all develop an appreciation of others.
  • Acts of engagement in service of others is strong at the Campus. So three or more times a year the choir performs at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and Manchester Eye Hospital
  • Donations to organisations such as hospices also help students to see the care of others as a very personal aspect of life.

Over just the current academic year we have supported:-

The Poppy Appeal

Macmillan Care

British Heart Foundation

Stepping Hill Hospital

Newlands Residential Home

St Anne’s Hospice

Wellspring –homeless charity in Stockport

Water Aid

The North West Air Ambulance Service

Any many more. The students of the school have raised and donated £000s and can be rightly pleased that they have made a real difference to the lives of others.