The Furniture for Life Programme was the brainchild of Daryl Newton; our resident Year 11 school visionary. For those of you that are not fully aware; Daryl is one of the most single minded and focused young men you will ever meet.

Daryl quietly participated and watched as the schools vision for world class status unfolded. He considered, discussed and questioned. Then he sprang into action. The programme is one that simply takes the logical stance; so if you want to be world class why are students occupying a less than world class environment? Not much special about his ideas here. However, Daryl did not just conclude things are not as they should be he looked at what exactly needs to be done. As all good businessmen:-

He assessed the strengths:- there was a single minded community that shared the vision, there was a group that would take any initiatives placed before them seriously. He assessed that the motivation within the school was strong and simply needed direction.

He assessed the weaknesses:-he understood that in the past many initiatives have faded as they were not driven as part of a wider drive; he understood that enthusiasm alone is not sustainable and he saw the weakness of a model that can’t just depend on him.

He assessed the opportunities:- the choir was a simple and perfect opportunity to seek support and offer a return for all. He has focused on the links between quality education and quality business development in the community.

He assessed the threats:- Daryl understood that the demands on the community from the school are high and he quickly realised that this could be controlled by small steps, sensible options and rational arguments.

First things first

Daryl noted that any good plan needs to be split into phases and the first was to address parents at a school event where they had to sit in split plastic chairs, chairs covered in paint and chairs fit for nothing but the tip. He started by ensuring the first drive would result in a tangible outcome- new chairs for the hall.


Never missing an opportunity, he saw the art room was being painted and transformed into a new room- then the idea hit of ‘Furniture For Life’. He tirelessly organised funding for the room. The result was a world class learning environment; he now had a model for all to see.

Daryl then approached businesses with the idea of sponsoring a classroom. He offered a Gold Package or a Silver Package. Challenging, but reasonable amounts were put to businesses who could invest in their future employees –today. By taking on a classroom each, they would be recognised with a plaque and we would very soon have a school environment that matched the vision.

Daryl has already plans for reception and the staff room; he has classrooms in mind and specific aspects of improved facilities- so watch this space for more of his incredible plans.

If you are a business that would like to find out more about making a contribution to Furniture for Life– contact the school and, as in any good business- go straight to the person in the know and with the knowledge- Daryl.