Operation Christmas Child has been running since 1990 and this year the students at Stockport threw their full weight behind this most worthwhile of causes. Organised by members of the student charity committee (spearheaded by Jade and Holly), the plan is a simple but effective one.
Children from around the world suffer the consequences of war and upheaval. Through no fault of their own they find themselves without families or people to care for them. The appeal asks for no further commitment or links from anyone taking part; it simply appeals to the need for humanity, and the Christian values of compassion and help for others.
The plan was that every family within the school community would provide a shoe box with small gifts that would ease and bring joy to the life of the child receiving it.
The result from the school across both Stockport and Crewe campus’ was incredible. Over 120 shoe boxes were sent from the site.

Students from the primary school went to the distribution centres to see exactly how the organisation was put into practice.
This appeal underpins that often small steps from many people can have a disproportionate impact and what seems like a small gesture actually has a huge impact for many.
If you would like to know more about the charity Samaritan’s Purse and the wide range of work they are involved in follow the link below

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