Orla, Teri and Casey were asked to consider the impact of the laptops on their studies and they produced the following report. In the coming term they will conduct a survey with students to measure the actual impact

Recently, we have been privileged to computers by the school along with the rest of our peers. Having a computer has been extremely useful for us, it has helped us to research new topics in order to understand them and gain a better understanding of the topics that we partially understand. Our computers came with Streamline3 on it, enabling me to search for the topics that I need to know in order to revise for my exams that are coming up at the end of this school year. Streamline3 also gives us access to specific and useful websites, it has also blocked websites that are unsuitable, unnecessary for our learning and may damage our purity.

Every senior student has now got a computer in our school. From this we can receive many benefits. Some of these include, being able to research any topic that we struggle on or don’t understand at school in order to get the full benefit out of any SDL time we have. These benefits also include many for the school such as saving a lot of money for our school, every year we spend £11,000 on photocopying, so if we can go paperless by using computers more effectively than we have done in previous years, we can put more money towards more worthwhile causes such as charities and getting the best out of our education.

If our school goes paperless, we can become an eco-friendly school, this will mean that we are protecting the environment. It will also mean that everyone in the school will have a healthy and sustainable living.

A recent study has shown that teachers and students are sometimes surprised at the level of the technology-based accomplishment displayed by students who have shown much less initiative or facility with more conventional academic tasks. Teachers talked motivation from a number of different perspectives. Some mentioned motivation with respect to working in a specific subject area. We can embrace this in our school by the SOLE learning initiative, this means that teachers give students a big question to answer in 50 minutes with the help of one computer, this means that students will study and research a topic or aspect of that given subject. This is much better than teacher-led lessons that are more focused on auditory learners.

By using these computers, we can learn many technical skills, and many of these technical skills are used in business which will be helpful for our use in business when we leave school.

Being able to use these computers can help students learn at their own pace. This means that they will be able to take in and retain information at their own speed. This will also help teachers to give students extra assistance and guidance that particular students may require.

Overall, we would say that our laptops have been a huge benefit and privilege for our school’s students to have. They support us in so many ways that couldn’t otherwise be possible, and look forward to seeing how we can progress in using our laptops most effectively to assist us in all our education.


Written by Orla, Acacia, and Teri