Anti-bullying Statement


All of our pupils are valued as members of a caring community. Our aim is to ensure that all our students develop academically and socially with confidence.

It is essential that we create an environment where bullying is dealt with quickly, effectively, consistently and with sensitivity to the needs of the individual.

Nipping any form of bullying in the bud is an effective way to create an anti-bullying culture within the school. We need to catch bullying in its early stages, to pre-empt situations by looking for signs of behaviour that could develop into bullying if unchecked:

  • Aggression
  • Teasing
  • Inappropriate use of language or actions
  • A reluctance to assimilate/involve others in a group

Vigilance from all students, staff members, especially form tutors in responding quickly to early signs of unacceptable behaviour cannot be emphasised too strongly.



  • bullying incidents must be reported promptly in written form to the form tutor
  • bullying incidents must be investigated thoroughly and written record kept
  • staff should seek help and support at an early stage if necessary
  • any serious bullying incident should be reported to the Key Phase Leader and to the Safeguarding Lead who will deal with the situation appropriately
  • bullies and victims will be interviewed separately and statements collected from both
  • any other evidence form witness will also be collected
  • a written report of the incident, investigation and outcome will be placed in the pupils’ files
  • parents will be informed
  • appropriate sanctions will be taken to prevent further incidents which should be monitored