We are eager to share the schools current documents and will be seeking to add and always update these as often as possible.

It is vitally important to us that there is clarity for parents and community members. Unfortunately, lots of the information we keep tends to become heavily ‘jargon laden’. If you find things here that are of interest but seem a little confusing please do not hesitate to contact the school. Mr Wilson or Mr Bourne will always seek to help. If we cannot respond immediately we will certainly make it a matter of urgency that any enquires are dealt with as soon as possible.

School Improvement Plan

The school has a very clear set of targets that it puts together in a SIP (School Improvement Plan).

This is updated annually at least and reflects the current needs of the school

We have abridged the document for staff, students and parents. Do see these click on the links below

FSSC SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT PLAN 2016-17 update March 11th 2017 V3