28 Mar

  • By Mr Wilson

The CA team along with Mr Wilson went to Wild Boar Clough with the 6th Form to ensure that we were working as a strong team to make the school even stronger.

The day saw a brisk walk in the wonderful Maccelsfield countryside and the chance for us all to reflect on how we want the school to develop in its next stage. Our 6th Form are key members of the school in ensuring that they, as role models, show the rest of the students how to act, how to develop their own learning and how to show decency and respectability to all. As school leaders, Mr Wilson and the CA team understand that without this band of great students we could not have achieved all we have.

A further part of the day was to launch the ‘Platinum Card’; the new 6th Form system of recognising and reflecting the success and participation of these students.  We will be working together in the coming weeks to firm up this new scheme and we will release it as soon as we have finalised things.