10 Nov

  • By Mr Wilson

“The enthusiasm and level of input for our cake-off competition has been outstanding.

Cakes have been judged and are now available for purchasing through sealed bid, either in person at school or via this link to the document.  If you wish to enter a bid please download the document and returned it with your details to Rebecca.eames@focus-student.com  All proceeds from the auction will be for Macmillan.


Lot 1 Butterfly Cake – choc cake with fondant icing

Lot 2 6 floral cupcakes


Lot 3 fun truck, contains madira sponge with fondant icing


Lot 4 Barbie doll, contains fondant icingLot


Lot 5 Wrapped parcels- red velvet cake with fondant icing


Lot 6 Victorian toys- Victoria sponge with fondant icing


Lot 7 Simnel cake fruit cake with marzipan and almonds

Lot 8 Malteasers cake- choc cake

Lot 9 Red Robin cake- fondant with plain sponge

Lot 10 Keep calm, eat cake, choc cake, fondant icing, contains alcohol

Lot 11 Coffee cake with walnuts

Lot 12 Lemon cake with fondant icing and sugar blown baubles

Lot 13 Remembrance cake- choc cake with fondant icing

Lot 14 Coffee cake with shards of caramelised sugar

Lot 15 Animals at sunset – victoria spongewith fondant icing

Lot 16 Red velvet cup cakes

Lot 17 WInter paradise chocolate cake

Lot 18 Sweet cake- contains nuts and chocolate, buttercream

Lot 19  Checker board cake – Vanilla sponge cake, fondant icing and flowers


Lot 20 Tea Party- vanilla cake with fondant icing

Lot 21 Cappuccino cake- dairy products, marshmallows, nuts, caramel

Lot 22 Wildlife cake – victoria sponge cake with fondant icing

Lot 23 Cranberry and white chocolate cake – vanilla sponge with white choc cream, cranberry and orange compote, sugared cranberries, egg whites!

Lot 24 Chocolate cake with choc buttercream

Lot 25  Fruit cake, fondant icing

Lot 26