29 Oct

  • By Mr Wilson


Rebecca and Tiffany have organised a great event for the school and we hope this will raise lots of money for Macmillan Cancer Care.

The competition is open to anyone, any age group, not just school students, so any housewives who would like to try their hand at some creative baking, please do so!

We just ask that you make sure you have paid your £1 and filled in your entry form by our closing date of Tuesday 1st November

And transportation of your cakes needn’t prevent you from entering; please speak to Rebecca, Tiffany or Caitlin and they will ensure that your cakes are delivered to school in time for judging on Thursday 10th November..

All of you bakers out there – get your entry forms and £1 entrance fee to the girls as soon as possible (see attached forms for details) in order to give people the great taste of your baking and make much needed money for this most valuable of charities.


Apparently it is not strictly baking if Mr Wilson opens a packet and places them carefully on a plate!



In order to retrive your competiton entry number please contact:-mailto:tiffany.deayton@focus-student.com