11 Jul

  • By Mr Wilson

Well what a day! Rain, rain and more rain. Was this the best day to take 150 students up a Welsh Mountain? Yes, it couldn’t have been better.

The challenge of the weather, the teamwork it developed and the real sense of unity from every last student in the school was exactly what we wanted from the day.

The theme of the day was ‘climbing the mountain to academic success’ and we showed that our year long focus to be the best we can be was put into practice by the whole school, as a team walking up Moel Fameu.

Some did it with relative ease, some took every bit of their resilience and effort to succeed; the key was we did it as a team and supported each other every step of the way.

Stockport Campus is defined by its total commitment from every student to raising standards and this walk- now a firm place in our annual diary is one of the strongest symbols of all we seek to do in our vision to be a world class school.

A great additional outcome was the charity outcome- the students had set a target of £750 for the North West Air Ambulance Service; we smashed it with the total to date of £1,365



Here’s the day in pictures

The day as seen by the Wilson family (Techwyn and Percy)