24 Mar

  • By Mr Wilson



And that concludes our coverage of our first ever FSSC Choir Live. A very successful morning with the students full of praise for the venue. Well done to the students and thank you to Miss Rich and Mr Hamilton for having them so well prepared for the day.

‘Bring him home’ has attracted a significant amount of interest. Must be the Les Miserable influence. Big round of applause for that.

‘Raise me up’ almost gets a lump in Mr Wilson’s throat … but not quite.

Round 2 is underway. Back to ‘Bridge over troubled water’. The students have definitely raised their game from their first performance.

The choir are now taking a break for ten minutes. Students are absorbing the arena, which I have to say is really impressive – where next for FSSC Choir?

Donations being made to Stepping Hill Hospital, following on from Tuesday’s superb Primary performance.

Fantastic turn out by the community today, some of them struggling not to participate in the singing.

An amazing first rendition by the choir, travellers including people from different races and religion are all gathered to observe this epic event. (9:40)

The Choir are currently singing their second rendition for the morning ‘You Raise Me Up’, this song couldn’t have come at a better time considering the events around the world particularly the recent event in Belgium (9:45)

The boss, Mr Wilson, is currently discussing with the Airport official, they both look extremely happy.

Good Morning everyone and welcome to FSSC first ever edition of Choir Live, focussing on the Campus’s senior choir who have just kicked off proceedings with ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ – receiving an excellent reception from jetsetters, holidaymakers and even pilots (some sound looking uniforms out here today – including out school uniform of course).