24 Aug

  • By Mr Wilson

Nationally the percentage of students gaining A*-C/4 dropped by 0.6% to 66.3%. At Stockport we achieved 86.4% of all entries at this level.

Nationally 20% of entries gained A*or A, Stockport doubled this to gain 40% of entries achieving this gold standard.

In English literature the national pass rate dropped slightly to 72.4% At Stockport we achieved 100%, whilst maths, the national figure fell to 70.7% with the new tougher exams. We still managed to top 80%

Our progress 8 score has topped +1.4 against +0.01 for the average state school.

And finally the new A* grades that has grown to 7.5% of all entries nationally sits at 13% at Stockport


Well done to all of the students that put such incredible efforts in