18 Feb

  • By Mr Wilson

If you were in doubt that Stockport has talent then the assembly on the 17th Feb would certainly secure your view.

The assembly started with the formal recognition of the students with 100% attendance and Gold Standard Attendance – currently our attendance sits at 97.4″% -around 2% better than the national average. In fact it is just under 20 hours additional learning for the students over and above the national standard.

After these students were formally recognised we went on to the awards 

Students were then awarded for their selection as student choice and teachers choice winners from all of our categories (Most Improved, Ethos and Vision, Attainment and Effort). This culminates in the Supreme winner of each category being publically recognised. Pictures and details to follow on our return from the holiday.

Yet again -a huge thank you to Alvin for his sterling efforts as Campus photographer and now film director!

As soon as we can edit and get the footage together we will put clips on the site (along with more pictures)- thanks to everyone who helped make it a special day