05 Nov

  • By Mr Wilson

The moment we have all been waiting for finally arrived! On Tuesday 3rd November we had the official opening of the Learning Centre.

What we have is a state of the art resource that allows students to immerse themselves in the real and full extent of SDL. What we don’t have is a new and clean ICT room. SDL is so much more than that. Here we have zones for students to work in a variety of ways and in a number of methods as individuals, small groups, larger collaborative groups all with a simple set of goals

  • Develop their own meta-cognition skills- the heart of learning to learn
  • Understand that learning is a collaborative and team based process in lots of occasions and this is a workplace skill that needs to be developed from Year 3 onwards
  • Truly develop self reliance and resilience- learn to get yourself out of a ‘learning pit’ with a variety of tools- the teacher being just one of them!
  • Create an environment where learning is what we just do and its part of a lifelong journey.

We already have strong and resilient learners who enjoy their commitment to learning. With this resource and the support we are getting globally we can only imagine how high functioning our students will become in the workplaces of tomorrow.


Susan Jackson, FLT consultant on SDL opens our Learning Centre


Max, architect of the centre explains the logic and thinking of the zones to parents


Lifelong learning…..its ok we don’t have to share laptops like this really!