10 Nov

  • By Mr Wilson

We were honoured and delighted to have a special guest to the campus this week. Mrs Bruce took time out of her busy schedule to visit and speak to the students.

She was given the opportunity to hear the senior choir perform to which she very kindly described them as “the very best of choirs she had heard in all of her school visits”.

She was overwhelmed by the outcomes the students achieved as well as the clear dedication everyone has at the school. Mr Wilson discussed how we would extend a genuine offer to any representative from parliament or the Department of Education to see what we do and how we firmly believe the model of excellence given by the OneSchool model can be used and adapted for any setting.

She was in agreement that the vital partnerships of family, students and staff that we have working so effectively is something that cannot be overlooked when a true model of excellence is constructed.

Mrs Bruce talked of the roles of an MP and discussed her own personal motivations and reasons as to why she entered into the world of politics. It offered a great opportunity for students to reflect on what they have and the lives of others around the globe that are less fortunate.