17 Mar

  • By Mr Wilson

Only a week ago Mr Wilson mentioned to Bonnie (lead in the charities committee) that the primary choir will be performing on the 22nd March at Stepping Hill hospital for the Tree Tops Children’s ward. He just mentioned that it would be great if we could support in their appeal for a vein finding machine to help the least problematic way of finding veins for medical support with very small children and babies.

Bang! Into action went Bonnie, Stacie and the charities committee and launched – this great support of Jarl, Keely, Faye, Harriet, Danita, Rexanna, Camm and Rhianna ‘Pink Day’ . Everyone would wear something pink and bring in £4 for the privilege. We decided that if we could give £400 after the choirs performance we would be really happy. Currently£562.84 is the official figure raised.

So, yet again this school spearheads the values of care, compassion and charity for others. Well done to every one of the school community that made this happen and a great thanks to the students that put such great efforts to ensure its success.