28 May

  • By Mr Wilson

If I could I would play an instrument!

It is one of my biggest regrets that I am unable to play the piano with any skill. One of the most incredible teachers in the world is a man call Rafe Esquith. he has inspired countless teachers around the world but more importantly impacted on thousands of young lives through the power of education. He insists that two things are critical to the success of students across all academic and social development. One is the primary children he teaches all perform a full Shakespeare production and two –everyone has to play a musical instrument. He could never formally explain why but understood it empowered and developed skills well beyond its intended objective. Now, we have greater scientific evidence to show students that play an instrument make better progress.

If I could encourage all parents to foster a love of playing an instrument with their children they would be making an incredible contribution to their learning. Don’t forget the voice is a musical instrument!

Mr Wilson