18 Nov

  • By Mr Wilson

At our Awards Evening we had the pleasure of listening to Lord Alton and his themed talk ’choose a cause; make a difference’. He talked about modern day slavery and the historic challenges Christians had made to end this terrible trade. He sadly, noted that in numbers, there are more people in slavery today than ever.

In his talk, Lord Alton discussed the persecution of Christians around the globe for simply seeking to express their views and practice their beliefs. We are rightly proud of our own democratic system that gives people under British values the rights to worship as they see fit. He did highlight several cases in India, China etc. where this was not the case. He has launched and asked for your support in furthering this cause by people participating in ‘red Wednesday’.

We intend to wear something red as an act of support on this day. Across the country buildings will be lit up in red lights and many thousands of people will wear an item of red clothing to show their support. Students will be asked to wear an item of red (no football shirts!) and we can do our bit to make a difference.