18 Jan

  • By Mr L Wilson

The new Shout Out Board

The student leadership team have made dramatic improvement to the Shout Out Board. We now use the ‘huBB Board’. This bespoke board for identifying specific areas of concern and then moving and tracking their response and progress across the most appropriate area of student leadership is a huge improvement on the first board we used.


With this system a student can put on a concern or issue and the student leadership team then place it in the most appropriate area for the committees. Once they have looked at it and responded it then goes to the CA team or Heateacher area and then is finally moved for resolution.

The board works brilliantly with the senior leadership team meeting the Head and the CA team every week to update and discuss concerns.

If any school wants to have a visible, easily manageable and transparent system of student leadership and student voice this is the system you need.