14 Mar

  • By Mr Wilson


Spaced Learning

Stockport Campus are delighted to be officially partnering the Education Endowment Foundation and the Welcome Trust as part of a ground breaking pilot scheme investigating the impact and effectiveness of Spaced Learning.

What is Spaced Learning? The project is led by Dr Liam O Hare; Senior Research Fellow at Queen’s university Belfast and it seeks to ensure that a rigorous set of case studies can ensure the science that underpins the theory. Spaced Learning seeks to improve memory for students through a series of learning experiences with specific and measured breaks in the process of study. These ‘spaces’ allow the strengthening of neural pathways and the development of effective strategies for recall and retention.

The Educational Endowment Fund is a huge organisation that sponsors a plethora of learning methods and research into their effectiveness. When our Deputy Mr Bourne approached the programme we really did not fit the bill. The EEF really only work with schools with high levels of deprivation and high numbers of Pupil Premium students. Very quickly, the project; after visiting the school, realised that the control study really could not do without a school that had such motivated and switched on children. They were overwhelmed by the student commitment to the project and realised that if they wanted to see the pure impact of spaced learning they should look no further.  So even with students of a school that was really too small and did not have indices of deprivation that met their needs they have been totally committed to working with us and we are delighted to be a vital part of this educational research