18 Dec

  • By Mr Wilson

And so here we are with another Super Learning Day

This is a STEAM based event and the one that the students voted for in their parliament week activity.

I will keep you updated as the day progresses so keep an eye on the posts

We start with planning- each house group has limited resources to construct a model of nine famous landmark buildings from straw and tape (rationed)

The start of the day is completely about planning- then the business begins

So what can you do with this?

Gathering your thoughts

At this stage the students are broken into team to work on their structure to recreate- each team has a roll of masking tape and a packet of straws!

Miller gives us a quick update- listen here

One team working on the empire state building shared their early concerns and challenges

Some more images as the students move from the planning stage into implementation

And just how does SLD meet the needs of SDL- is it a coincidence that they are the same letters?

I asked Carter’s group how they felt it brought these skills together and how they benefit. One concern is that younger students simply follow the older – this appears not to be happening

Just going around again and why do these students surprise me? They shouldn’t but they do! Mr Wilson (MATHS) described how sceptical he was because, like me, he had seen similar activities in schools before- he said “it usually ends in an hour and the outcome is some sort of blob that has had little thought and no planning, they jump straight into the construction and get bored when they cant see how it is developing” …”this is just another class!”

And as we come up to break

It may be foggy outside at Stockport Campus but no foggy thinking inside!

Alvin explains to me what he thinks the strengths of the day are and just how impressive the team work is

Still a lot to do but lets remind ourselves

from this

to this

And things start to pull together as students realise time is getting the better of them

And the final results!