09 Apr

  • By Mr Wilson

We can let others decide if indeed the Super Learning Day (SLD) on Thursday 6th April was our best but if it was not then Mr Wilson and Mr Bourne would be scratching their heads for an improvement!

The day was seeking to produce an e-book for students and parents around effective use of the internet and staying safe.

All 156 of our students worked in house groups as a competitive activity. Year 3-13 worked alongside each other to produce age appropriate resources to ensure the OneSchool development in SDL and the explosive use of laptops to assist in this is maximised. Students need to become clear, informed and safe in their research choices and parents often feel they are 100 years behind the students in their use of technology! Don’t worry Mums and Dads- it’s a universal issue!

The began with the 57 chapters of the book being laid out on a spreadsheet and projected in all of the house group bases. Students could then decide what to do. They had to race to get their resources- could be video, document, scanned images etc.to Mr Bourne- who then send back a WWW (What Went Well) along with an EBI (Even Better If) and a ranking. This was also simultaneously sent to Mr Wilson who was adding the resources to the e-book template.

In real time the subjects completed were RAG rated and scored on a spreadsheet shared with the students. They could then see what topics to work on -or which to try and knock another team off by improving the content. How do you think it went? Did we get all 57 entries in the day? We actually got over 250 entries! As material was improved, ungraded and worked and reworked.

We had Ms Katy Milne from the Teacher Academy at Warwick visit and watch- she said ” I was astonished by the relentless drive of the students that day to achieve the task set…it was evident that your team have a steely determination and passionate commitment for all of the students at Stockport Campus to succeed”.

Just as soon as we can we will be getting the book available for parents and community members to buy online.


For now -how about a taster from two of our 6th formers on key tips!