27 Apr

  • By Mr Wilson

Stockport Campus students have produced an incredible resource for students and for parents. This really is an outstanding source of advice and is available by going onto the link below.



If you wish to support the students endeavours and purchase the promotional code key to access this resource please contact the school and for £5 this will be yours to keep. It will be updated and developed over the coming weeks and these updates will be automatically passed on to you once you have bought the key code.

Please ask for Miss Campbell when asking for this code.

We hope you enjoy it- all money made will go directly into a fund to support the students activity days in the new academic year. These are events/days where year groups will be participating in team building days at various locations 9of their choice) to ensure the year ahead is as productive and inclusive for everyone as possible.

So for £5 you get a great resource and help the student build effective teams for the year to come.