17 Dec

  • By Mr Wilson

14.37pm The winners are group 2 – 50 Merits each. Well done! Thanks for tuning in and we look forward to updating you on the next Super Learning Day in March.

14.05pm Miss Grandidier is now announcing the winners to go to the Showcase.

14.00pm Mr Wilson is currently addressing the whole school and summarising the day and the impact on the students.

13.50pm Time is up and the students can do no more as it is all down to the judges who will decide which 3 groups will present their pitch.

13.40pm Only ten minutes left. Costumes, multimedia adverts, posters, drama performances, poetry, persuasive speeches – the students are pulling out all the stops to convince the judges.

13.33pm If you make the Showcase final you will have ten minutes to pitch your product to an “expert” panel of judges.

IMG_4064Cross phase and community engagement.

13.30pm Did you know? It is recommended that you eat five servings of fruit or vegetables a day. A serving equals one-half cup.

13.28pm Some groups believe that a lack of financial understanding may have let them down. A chance for others to capitalise perhaps?

13.16pm Check the criteria that you were given this morning to help you understand what Miss Grandidier and Mrs Murphy are looking for. FLTS, Financial Awareness, Innovation, Knowledge of healthy eating to name a few. Don’t forget to reflect!

IMAG0921Crunch time. Emilia looks convincing.

13.11pm IMPORTANT NEWS FLASH! Miss Grandidier and Mrs Murphy are now coming round all the groups to assess your assignment. You will have 2 minutes to convince them that your group should make the Showcase this afternoon.

13.02pm Innovation is sky high now. Groups are becoming increasingly aware of one another’s progress and are pushing themselves to the limit. Some of the more innovative ideas combine healthy eating, living, exercise and environmentally friendly concepts

IMAG0920 IMAG0919Interesting to see the contrasting approaches to group work.

12.58pm There are rumours going around that some groups are taking a multimedia approach to their advertising campaign. Although the standard is extremely high, i’ll have to throw in a drama lesson or two next term.

12.51pm Has anyone considered edible packaging?

IMG_4062Cross phase collaboration.

12.47pm Some groups are really struggling to answer the difficult questions posed to them by the facilitators. It clearly will not suffice to merely have a sparky advertising campaign and fancy packaging. A lack of financial awareness could cost some groups their chance in the final.

12.40pm WELCOME BACK.  The students now have 1 hour and 20 minutes to impress the teachers as they judge which 3 groups will go through to this afternoon’s Showcase. Teachers will be looking for innovative products which clearly demonstrate an understanding of healthy eating. They will also be monitoring and evaluating the application of FLTS.

12.00 midday LUNCH. See you in 35 minutes.

11.50am Did you know? In the United States, more tomatoes are consumed than any other single fruit or vegetable!

IMAG0917A useful display to use. It’s encouraging to see the students are not relying solely on computers.

11.44am One of the groups is focussing diligently on the nutritional information and the science behind their food choices. They are aware of the national agenda regarding healthy eating and have explored the government, GCSE Bitesize, and funky foods websites.

11.38am After group 15 wouldn’t let me in for a sneak peak at their progress I was forced to the Primary Hall where I gained an insight into Group 11s progress. Teri Cane and Angus Clayson working effectively on the costs; Owen Harris working on the pitch; Rochelle McGrath and Khayla Simpson on product design; Ricarda Knappett, Rhianna Hill and Juanita Chadwick on advertising and artwork.


11.29am The students’ ownership of their learning is fleshing out some very territorial behaviours. I’ve heard talk of trademarking and copyrighting ideas just in case the corporate machine invests. Remember students – anything you create today is the intellectual property of the school!

11.23am Although the Learning Centre is the most sought after learning space – it’s encouraging to see the students making the most out of the other areas of the school.

IMAG0915Thank you to all the community members who have joined us for this special day. Your presence and contributions are really inspiring the students.

11.19am Somebody call Mrs Henshall – I just heard someone ask: “an egg is a fruit isn’t it?” There is no such thing as a silly question and if they know the answer by the end of the day then that’s progress.

11.16am Group 5 gave me unrestricted access to their “top secret” project for 10 seconds. A messy table is a hardworking table.


11.12am According to Kelvin Roberts “our logo is unbelievable”. Having seen it first hand I have to say that I’m impressed – but it needs a name guys.

11.08am It’s just an idea. Has anyone thought of app for their product? Or what about an alliterative catchy mascot like Sammy Spud?

11.02am… oh it’s good. Looking very good for group 6.


11.00am NEWS FLASH – A loud roar from Group 6 in the Learning Centre. What could all the fuss be about?…

10.56 No surprise to see some students considering world domination with their ideas. Most groups seem to be selling themselves to the corporate machine and neglecting the heart and soul of their ideas. Shame.

10.54 Some innovative advertising campaigns are being developed in the Learning Centre – but have they considered the cost?

10.51 Random, realistic, catchy seem to be the buzz words surrounding the creation of a brand name. Roscoe may be the creative thinker in the group but he is demonstrating high level independent enquiry skills. Don’t forget your skills!

10.47 The students are hydrated and energized for the next stage of the day and some interesting ideas are floating around the Learning Centre. Elisa Baldwin in Group 7 is very reluctant to dish out (excuse the pun) details but I’m not sure their idea of packaging their product in a balloon will be taken on board by the other groups.

IMAG0912Multiple groups in the hall ready for the second part of the day.


IMAG0911Linten Wells taking the lead.

10.22am It’s encouraging to see students getting into the spirit of the day by consuming healthy foods. Although is that a full fat cheese infused panini I see in the boys’ common room?

10.20am BREAK TIME. What a morning it’s been so far: it promises to surpass previous Super Learning Days with the cross phase collaboration element being one of the key factors.

10.15am Some groups are clearly progressing further than others with a few struggling to piece together a slogan and a logo. Think about the impact of the M&S food marketing campaign – it practically saved the company.

10.12am Group 8 have me on a pretty tight lead here as they are determined that I give very little away. What I am allowed to say is that they are taking an approach that considers everyone – not just those interested in healthy eating.

10.11am NEWS FLASH! Please make sure you write your role on the sticky labels provided. This will help students and teachers decide where those all important merits go.

10.01am Cross-curricular links galore in Group 10 – tapping into subject knowledge from MFL, science, English, business studies – just to name a few. No surprise to see Daryl Newton thinking big.

9.56am All students have immersed themselves fully into the resources on Moodle which have been uploaded by our Moodle Champion Dr Davies. All the teaching staff of Stockport Campus have worked tirelessly on this aspect and now it’s up to the students to take advantage of this amazing resource.

9.52am 30 minutes to go until break and some groups are still struggling to piece together a catchy slogan and logo – they really must “get a move on” according to Mr Hobson.

9.50am NEWS FLASH! Group 2 apparently have an “outstanding logo” according to our SDL/Project 20 Champion Miss Grandidier.

9.45am Group 14 are ‘all over’ this project and the senior members of the group have delegated responsibilities extremely effectively. Soon they will have to synthesize (cheeky Bloom’s reference) their ideas so it’s going to take high quality leadership to make this happen.

9.42am Angus Clayson is asking the all important questions in Group 11 as they explore creative ways of making their unique product appeal to the target audience. Nice to see all year groups considering persuasive techniques – we must have some outstanding English teachers at Stockport Campus.

9.41am Some wide ranging ideas for the lunch pack already on the Group 13 table.

9.39am Remember that the students take full ownership of their learning on Super Learning Days – with the teachers acting as facilitators. It is the supreme embodiment of the OneSchool vision of ‘Learning to Learn’.

9.38am Sorry everyone – I’ve been out of the loop for 20 minutes with connection problems (my punishment for trying to upload some photos). It appears I’ve missed a silly amount of progress.

9.15am Group 4 currently occupy a booth in the Focus Zone and are being extremely well-lead by the Head Girl.

9.12am Group 1 have quickly occupied the Library in the Learning Centre in the hope that this will help give them more focus and improve collaboration. Having the Head Boy on the team must be advantageous surely.

9.10am Group 5 have also made a positive and productive start by analysing the descriptors for each FLTS and deciding which member of their group best fits the profile. “The quality of leadership is unprecedented” (Mr Wilson)

9.06am Group 2 are well underway with their project and have begun to disseminate roles and responsibilities across their group. It’s pretty clear who the leaders are in this group.

8.56am Rewards – Wow! Every student has the opportunity to earn 110 merits for their house today. They will be awarded for their performance in the Focus Learning Thinking Skills. This could make a significant difference to their house and put them in pole position on the league table.

8.50am Students are inspired by the theme via a video showing what unhealthy food does to your body. It’s pretty revolting stuff I have to say.

8.45am The theme of the day is officially announced! The theme of this term’s Super Learning Day is HEALTHY EATING. Students will be working in groups across the school with the objective of creating a healthy school’s lunchbox.

8.14am Students start to arrive and the anticipation is building as they congregate around the plan for the day. The theme of the day to be unveiled during assembly – watch this space!

7.34am Staff preparing the hall and the learning areas for the groups and the initial start of the day. Great atmosphere already.