19 Jul

  • By Mr Wilson

And the final results are

3rd Place 1979 points Warriors

2nd Place 2261 points Troopers

1st Place 2263 points Raiders


Well done to everyone!

2.10 It’s not over until it’s over!

2.09 Update from Mr Bourne

Raiders: 560

Troopers: 394

Warriors: 326

2.07 Some incredible resources


2.03 Hot from Mr Bourne at Intelligence HQ

First set of results in with 9 more to go:

1st Raiders: 221

2nd Warriors: 195

3rd Troopers: 160


In all my days I have never seen students so tired! But great results

1.10 And now you can start to panic! Only a lesson left really as P6 is about tidying and getting the appraisals of work complete- it is intense but well worth it. I think we may have a number of students still exhausted from the walk. All in al things have gone really well so far- so the last push please

12.46- we have finished for lunch but Art concludes the morning with “The teamwork to complete the displays has been amazing”

12.10 Damon noted ” I am really enjoying Super Learning Day because everyone is included and I have noticed that there is a lot of team spirit”

12.01 An update in English


Collaboration across the year groups- wonderful to see


11.56 Francesca explains how the tree is both a recycled display but also gives clear guidance about using levels in MFL

11.54 As Jason remarked -it’s important to put your best foot forward- but maybe Percy is taking it too literally

11.43 In the Music Room there is some really inventive work going on. Time for my one and only music joke- “If its not Baroque don’t fix it”!

11.35 With Ms Qadar- the message from the students is ‘You are never too old to read”



11.25 Ellie-Rose sends a message home “Are you bored at home because we aren’t”!


11.14- attention to detail is everything- the students are aware that Newtown are really strong and in full flow



Phew Break time!

10.30 Creating the right learning environment

9.32 “Creating a great learning environment where people really are going to learn to learn” Arianna and Frazer

9.30 “Going to produce some amazing displays and we are really starting to motor on this” Jason

9.24 “Everyone is really enthusiastic and it’s a great way to end the year” Percy

9.13 Planning is everything Students have set up into groups and focusing on which rooms they are doing. It’s not about rushing headlong into things but deciding what to do and where. Every board, every display needs clarity

Let’s begin:- 8.57 Students meet in house groups to get the rationale and the organisation of the day sorted. It is going to be a long but productive day- lots of tired people from yesterday

Good morning to you all. Super Learning Day is poised to be yet another exciting way to bring this busy week and the term to a fitting conclusion.

Throughout the day you will be able to follow the events as they unfold. Both Newtown and Stockport Campus students will be feeding information and images to parents and community members to let them know what is going on- so refresh this link on a very regular basis.

At present Mr Bourne and myself are on site waiting in anticipation for the first students and the start of the day at 9.00am- “is that a school bus?….no just a van!”

Today is all about displays in school.
Why do we have them, what roles do they really serve? What can they achieve to stimulate, enthuse, engage and support?

Students will be examining these questions and transforming the entire school today as they consider what is the best and most effective way to display things in the school.

We hope you enjoy the day and if you have any comments to add during the day email larry.wilson@focus-school.com