14 Sep

  • By Mr Wilson

Since we have developed the standards of Stockport Campus one of the biggest ongoing issues we have had has not been student behaviour, nor attitude or indeed progress. The most challenging aspect of the schools improvement has been tidiness! Students have for a long time now treated the school more like their bedrooms than the place of learning it is. So Mr Bourne hit upon a tremendous idea – The Big Tidy Up. Students would act in Houses and tidy up zones of the school. He would then judge the improvements and the winning house would be awarded merits.


The one thing that has never shocked me has been the capacity of the students to rise to a challenge and did they!

In his scrutiny of the school after the lunchtime tidy the 100+ issues he had spotted on Monday became 13!

Mum’s and Dad’s please extend your appreciation of the response of every student

As you can see- a transformed and tidy school- the correct environment to do your very best in.

Even the staff room!