03 Mar

  • By Mr Wilson

The International GCSE is renown for being tough. About a quarter of its content appears as A level work. On top of this we have Year 11 students taking the GCSE effectively 5 months early. All sounds far too difficult; well not for these students. Led by Mr Davies one of our master maths teachers we have met with 93% of students gaining the A*-C benchmark grade.

The massive effort of the students gives us two sets of validated data to show the Maths results have grown from 60%A*-C to 93% in two years and with the possibility of this going to 100% being a genuine hope we are in no doubt; this is world class. 4A* grades and 71% A*-B tells its own story and every student is set to at least match target grades with 57% exceeding them.

We can’t wait until the summer results come out!