In the Primary school we are developing the Focus School Primary tracker system. This is a new system that has been developed across all of our schools in response to the changes made nationally for assessing and levelling primary students.

All primary students have a baseline INCAS test early in the academic year. If you are unsure what levels these gave to your child please contact the primary staff and these personal results will be shared and discussed.

The tracking system is an outstanding system that really is a model that many other schools outside of the FLT are interested in.

Essentially we have a set of skills and competencies that students are assessed on a regular (half termly) basis and their progress is plotted against. The Primary SDA (School Development Advisor) uses the outcomes on these entries as the basis of their monitoring visits and this standardises the quality of provision across all of our primary schools.

The Primary Progress Tracker

FLT set up the tracker in response to the government’s decision to remove the national curriculum levels.

The governments guidance on any replacement system schools use (and they are totally free to set up any system they want) was that the tracking must

  • Give reliable information to parents of their child’s progress
  • Help drive improvements of student progress
  • Ensuring the school is keeping up with best practice and improving standards outside of the school

The FLT system ensures these are met and in practice this is done exceptionally well


Students are assessed against 4 key steps and this is base-lined against the INCAS testing done at the start of the year (INCAS is an externally validated online test managed and administrated by CEM based at Durham University)

These 4 steps are where a student is placed in any of the assessed areas

  • A gap in learning
  • Emerging
  • Expected
  • Deepening

The range of areas assessed in each year group can be seen on the document link below. It is extensive and thorough

It is an improvement on the past where NC levels were rather blunt and crude instruments to really drill down on the whole spectrum of skills and capabilities needed. We really are on the way to having a system that directs quality teaching to potential gaps strengthens areas and drives extended learning where it is needed. We also have a system that will link with the new cognitive curriculum to ensure high quality continuity across the step from primary to secondary learning.

Progress Tracker – Year 3

How do we share meaningful progress with parents?

We know that educationalists can appear to over complicate things so, whilst we have this tracking scheme in place for staff to fine tune and direct teaching and  learning we use a very simple half termly data collection and leveling (using old National Curriculum Levels) along with effort grades on every child in KS2. These are RAG rated (Red Amber Green) to show if your child is below, on or above expected outcomes. All of these are measured against the INCAS predictions. Every student is tested and a percentage chance of achieving a certain level in their SATS at the end of Year 6 is produced. Historically, this is incredibly close to actual outcomes and shows good levels of progress.