We are currently in the process of joining our Crewe and Stockport primary schools together.

When this is complete we will have one Year 3 and 4 class, a year 5 class and a year 6 class on the Campus.

Having students from KS2 all the way through to the sixth form is a rare opportunity for a school and Focus School children benefit enormously as we can work as a single school to eradicate the transition dip to ‘big school’.

We are NOT a school that happens to have a primary sitting next to a secondary school; we ARE a single school with four phases. The development of a cognitive curriculum (see the separate page on this site) means we focus on developing skills that really are focusing on the SDL (Self Directed Learning) needs of every student.

So –we don’t have a separate assembly or rewards assembly for primary and secondary- every Tuesday we join together.

Over the coming period you will find a growing bank of resources to support students in the primary phase.