AGT students

Like all Focus Schools, Stockport is non selective by ability. This however, should not detract from the fact that the average ability of our students is above the national average

We believe that to decide your schools AGT cohort by a numerical percentage quota is both morally wrong but it is also a recipe for underachievement. At Stockport we include these students in the cohort based on CAT (Cognitive Ability Test) results. For us we don’t simply work out who is the strongest 5%.

How do we assess AGT?

Any student with a CAT score IN ANY ONE BATTERY of 127 or over will be included. So, whilst student’s verbal skills may be low they could well have a significant quantitative score. Since CAT4 testing and the assessment of spatial intelligence we now have a truly broad and effective yardstick.

For students we have additional data on such as INCAS, MidYis and INSIGHT we use these further data sets to support or extend the group we identify.

Do AGT students get a better deal?

No, they get quality first teaching like every other student. What they do get is a clearly differentiated and appropriate set of challenges. We don’t have different children we have children with different needs.

So what can an AGT student expect?

  • Specific scrutiny from the Additional Needs co-ordinator to ensure a minimum of expected progress is being made. Green in SIMS, Dark Green if this is being excelled.
  • Quality First classroom teaching to ensure effective challenge- Red in SIMS if this isn’t happening.
  • Opportunities outside of the classroom to extend- additional challenge in work, specific tasks in SDL projects.

The care and guidance we offer students across the school is quality and any AGT student can expect this quality to also reflect their specific needs.