You know that things are really developing in a school when the Super Learning Day is completely taken over by the students. This is real SDL. Students from the well-being committee decided that the Easter event should be completely led and managed by themselves. This didn’t mean we were going to sit back and not support but the focus was on students leading and learning from their mistakes and developments.

The launch to the whole school began with an assembly called by Daryl, Rochelle, Tyra and Carwyn. They split the school into 12 groups with student working together from Years 3-13. Special organisation was put into place to ensure the youngest and the oldest all had high quality input. After being briefed by the student leaders, every student went for a working lunch to plan their business ideas.

We are clearly excited about the outcome on the day but we know that this project has effectively led students into a comprehensive business course and developed the collaborative thinking skills along with innovation that can result in the development of several real life businesses that will trade to support the future of the school

I12 Summit

Click on the document above to see the outline plan by the students