We are always eager to use new ideas and technology in the classroom. At a recent training day at Warwick we were asked to have a look at ‘Class Watch’ by the Learning Trust.

As you can imagine, Stockport didn’t need to be asked twice and we organised a trial of the equipment for the following week.

Class Watch combines a set of high quality hardware components (cameras, wireless microphones etc into a fully synchronised package with software for editing. It sits in the room, take 5 minutes to set up and offers us no end of opportunities to get into the classroom in an unobtrusive way and to use the technology to drive up standards.

Mr Davies and his Year 10 maths class were happy to be the first to use it.

So far we have identified many uses we would like to use it for


* Staff training and self-reflection

* Formal observations without the recourse to having two or more observers in the room

* Focus on specific teaching skills- demonstrations of best practice


* Spreading best practice beyond the school- multi site support

* Tracking of policy or new initiatives

Students learning

* Reflective discussion

* Focus on study skills and cognitive skill sets

* Student voice reflection (work of student committees)

* Post lesson support- returning to key concepts

* Quality ‘catch up’ opportunities for students that were absent

* Measuring of 47/50 in practice

Parents and community

* Clear examples of what we are doing

* Use to record events, meetings etc. for those unable to attend

* Sharing of best practice- Trustee meetings for other trustees etc.

* Web site sharing of best practice

Inspectors and other educationalist visitors

* Quality assurance

* SDAs able to moderate teaching and learning

* Wider moderation of standards

* Clearer picture for FLT leadership of standards and best practice

* Exemplar meetings such as leadership data collection SOP meetings etc.


We are hoping to be able to trial the system very soon. These are not cheap but as you can see from the quick list above the potential impact is huge. It essentially allows the leadership of the school to quadruple its capacity to manage school improvement. We will keep you informed as things develop.