SAS Terms and conditions

  1. All steps of the application process are to be controlled and updated only by the Headteacher and CA in consultation with student leadership and other interested parties.
  2. The Headteacher and CA have the right to withdraw SAS status from any student if they fall below key performance indicators
  3. There can be no variations or deviation from the application process
  4. Once awarded the status of SAS, students must provide evidence to illustrate their continued input into the scheme each year.
  5. A student awarded SAS will retain this status for their time in the school unless removed under section 2 above.
  6. There can be no deviation from all of the required standards for application onto the scheme
  7. The SAS scheme may only be accredited to a student by the Headteacher and CA of Stockport Campus and until the scheme is adopted beyond the school is not transferable to other schools.