The school is entering into an exciting time with FLT and the full development and embedding of Self Directed Learning.

Subjects and what we do

Currently the school is committed to ensuring the Year 7 and 8 students are spearheading this but we are certainly enlivening and reviewing the entire process of SDL with Years 3-8

As you navigate around the site you will also see that ensuring student lead their own learning through the FLT motto of ‘Learning to Learn’, there can really be no single exclusive area where this happens and over time it will become second nature to our students.

From Year 3 to Year 13 we seek to

  • Have happy learners
  • Ensure a broad and balanced curriculum is fully available
  • Enshrine the fundamentals of British Values in our learning
  • Create active learners who thrive in an environment that inspires questioning and reflection
  • Foster an approach of collaboration and a love of lifelong learning
  • Create strong links between home, school and the workplace
  • Create students fully equipped for the demands and challenges of a rapidly developing worldWe have a curriculum that stretches and rewards the efforts of students
  • We have a curriculum that creates independent and interdependent learners
  • We have a curriculum that celebrate progress as King and attainment as the necessary follower in this lead

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