Stockport Campus

Curriculum Statement 2016-17

The school is dedicated to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that fits the needs and profile of its student population effectively. Provision at the campus is derived by a combination of consultations between

  • The Headteacher and teaching staff
  • The Trustees and CA team
  • Student input
  • Brethren businesses locally
  • Parental concerns
  • Wider educational developments of the Focus Learning Trust

Using all of these concerns and inputs the school seeks to blend

  • The need for a strong and rigorous academic provision
  • The specific requirements of students in a case by case approach
  • The workplace needs and life opportunities of students
  • A clear reflection of the student population profile and the make-up of the school

School leadership is clear and determined to ensure provision for all students meets their specific and local needs whilst ensuring they leave the school as rounded and fully functioning members of society that are in the best place possible to make the highest quality economic inputs into the world of work. We seek to engender a love of learning and develop a lifelong desire for self-improvement and development through education.

Key Stage 2 Provision

The provision for all students across Years 3-6 are fully in line with Focus Learning Trust structures and plans. A detailed breakdown of this provision will be provided by the Head on Inspection. We ensure that as many secondary teachers have a teaching commitment to enrich the curriculum provision for students across the primary phase (copies of teachers timetables to illustrate this will be made available to inspectors on their visit). The school is currnetly undertaking a restructure of Y3-8 provision in line with OneSchool guidance. More details of how this will look from September 2017 will follow.

Key Stage 3 Provision

In line with the new ‘cognitive curriculum’ model from the Focus Learning Trust all secondary provision is backed up by this skills led model of student development. Within this model the skills sets and developmental issues in the progression of all students is clearly illustrated and placed at the heart of provision. Key Stage 3 within the school (and in line with FLT policy) is now confined to Years 7 and 8.  The balance of provision is exactly the same as previously, however, the model of delivery is being transformed as we move to a much greater emphasis on independent learning for students.

All students are taught English, Maths, Science, ICT, PSHE, MFL, History, Geography, PE, Music, DT, Food and Textiles. All students participate in the school choir.

Key Stage 4 Provision

GCSE studies begin at the start of Year 9 and we have the opportunity to extend the range of opportunities by completing these at the end of Year 10. We make local decision therefore that suit the needs of students not just for the campus but for the campus at that time. In principle we begin GCSE study in Year 9 and complete in Year 11 to ensure depth of understanding and greater opportunities for indepednent reserach opportunties around SDL.

Provision includes:- English literature and language, Maths (with the option of statistics and further maths) science (core and additional), MFL, History, Geography, Options of Business studies, Food Technology and DT GCSEs. All students have non GCSE PE provided and they participate in the schools senior choir. Students are able to have additional tertiary studies which are arranged on pupil by pupil basis (a detailed breakdown of timings and provision will be made available during an inspection)

Key Stage 5 Provision

The emphasis on Key Stage 5, is, as any good school should, be based on student need and a broad provision that supports the whole students development. FLT is determined, as is the school to ensure students leave us in the very best position to make an effective contribution to the world of work and that this provision at school has opened as many doors asp possible for them to be as widely equipped as they could be.

Level 3 provisions can take the form of AS, A2 and Btech. A wide range of additional opportunities through tertiary studies is available and within the new provision framework all students are supported in their own SDL provision for an additional area of study via EPQ. The ACT team offers high quality and personalised support for the students and this is a model that is being developed into a first class provision for every student in a Focus school.

Students study can study English, Government & Politics, History, geography, DT, MFL, Science, Business, Book Keeping etc. The opportunities for students to be supported via VC lessons is being further developed by the FLT as new bespoke providers are becoming available to widen the range of opportunities further. All students have non examinable PE and participate in the school choir (A detailed model of provision will be made available during an inspection). The model in the 6th form reflects the commitment of everyone to ensure the specific needs of everyone is met.