The Cognitive Curriculum

Focus Learning Trust have been working on how we best develop learning in our schools. At Stockport Campus we feel this approach is not only effective but is at the cutting edge of teaching and learning.

The big difference with the new curriculum model is that we are focusing our efforts on thinking and learning skills. The cognitive curriculum allows students to

  • Measure and develop their abilities in core skills that will make their learning real and lasting
  • Direct a consistent and evenly flowing model of learning from when they arrive in Year 3 to when they leave in Year 13
  • Drive up standards by fully engaging and understanding the competencies needed to become truly independent learners
  • Be provided with a vibrant, exciting and challenging model of learning that focuses on risk taking, cooperation, self-reliance, and confidence building
  • Have a clear pathway for ‘when ready’ next steps
  • To really embrace the full power of SDL

The document below shows the model that we are developing as a Learning Trust at the moment. It will change, it will develop but what will remain is the commitment to offer a world class curriculum to a world class school.

Focus Cognitive Curriculum 2015