As we left Crewe station there was a certain ’buzz’ about the air, we could hear the faint echo of unknown voices towards the back of the carriage, but the voices of which we knew were silent, admiring the scenery as we prepared for the two hour long journey to the London Euston station.

The platform was littered with people, you were lucky if you could even see the floor, as the people flooded out of the train doors. We hurriedly made our way up to the food court so that we could all grab a quick bite to eat before making our way to the underground.

As you can imagine, with eighteen students and five adults, getting the tickets for the tube took a good ten to fifteen minutes, so whilst Mrs. O’Connor was collecting them the rest of us stood to the side and watched the crowds of people running through the security determined to catch the next tube.


When we finally reached the underground we decided to wait until the majority of the people had already gone. This meant that we got on the third train that came. Although it was cramped we got to the Elephant and Castle stop very safely.

After a short walk the museum finally came into view. Whilst waiting to go into the museum we had a whole class picture and Alvin decided to go and hug one of the trees, which added a lot of laughter amongst the group.

The fist exhibition that we went into was WW1. This was very informative as there were a range of different activities, videos and information, which was suited for every type of learner. A lot of the diagrams really brought to life what we had been learning about in lesson to do with the Alliance and Entente.

I believe that the Holocaust was the most effective part of the day. The whole of that exhibition went around in chronological order. The demonstration of this made it clear to us how much the persecution of the Jews got worse as the time went on. This will be essential to us when we are answering our question a in an exam.

Overall we all extremely enjoyed the day, and it was a great learning curve for all my class. We would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs. O’Connor, Elsa Campbell, Jane Wilkinson and Nelson and Naomi Hutchins as without them this trip wouldn’t have been as successful as it was.

Written by Shanea Hutchins Yr11