This year’s Instrumental Concert was once again a great success and congratulations must go to everyone who took part. Although the majority of performers were pianists, we were also treated to performances on guitar, clarinet, saxophone, ukulele and cornet!

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of my job is to be able to sit back and watch students performing each year in the concerts and to be able to appreciate just how much they have improved and grown as musicians and performers. I’ve been here long enough to remember some when they first started learning their instrument (usually in Primary) and played in their very first concert and am always amazed and delighted at how far they have come. I am certain that, as long as they stick with it, our younger instrumentalists will be playing just as well as our more advanced performers, who I am sure will continue to make outstanding and inspirational progress.


Thanks must go to our truly wonderful instrumental teachers, Mr & Mrs Pitceathly and Mr Farr, without whom none of this would be possible. Thank you too to all those parents who continue to encourage and support practice at home – it makes all the difference!


My thanks also go to all those who took part in the concert – you all did brilliantly and I am very proud of you all!


Finally, may I reiterate my words at the end of the concert. It is not a case of ‘either’/ ‘or’ – ‘either’ I do well at my academic studies ‘or’ I learn a musical instrument. Countless studies show time and again that learning an instrument actually Improves academic ability/intelligence in a multitude of ways!


For those with the gift of music, surely you want to be the very best in both; That’s World Class!



Miss Rich