The school was honoured to be represented at a Fringe Meeting of the Conservative Party Conference, held at the Friends Meeting House in Manchester. Our Student Leadership Team, and the Upper Sixth attending a speech by Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali on “What makes for a free and cohesive society: Christian Heritage or Multiculturalism?”. The bishop’s speech was insightful,  thought provoking and fascinating. It  provided the students with a fair and balanced view of world religions and the impact that they are having on British Society.


The walk from the tram to the venue was interrupted by a demonstration against NHS cuts and Austerity measures. Demonstrators were banging drums and blowing whistles, waving badly spelled placards and shouting slogans through megaphones. It was a scene of raucous chaos. Several members of the public came up to the students to comment on their smart appearance.


The meeting was chaired by Mr John Hayes MP, Minister of State for Security. He opened the meeting by thanking Bishop Nazir- Ali for attending. He then went on to say he had come across the demonstrators on his way in and had noticed our students and  ‘the stark contrast between the behaviour of the demonstrators and the modesty, decorum and appearance of the young people with us’ .  


The event was rounded off with a photo of the students with Bishop Nazir- Ali and Mr John Hayes.

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali John Hayes MP