It goes without saying that students don’t improve unless they get high quality feedback in their work.

This feedback is not a one way process and is a part of what we have to develop to really understand how to become world class students.

Teacher feedback– meaningful feedback that shows a clear progression of the students work is what we are constantly monitoring in the school. The marking policy outlines the nature of what we need to get from quality marking and why marking drives improvement.

Good marking shows evidence of feedback and as a consequence improvement. Marking and feedback is not the end of the process but the heart of the process for improvement.

Peer review and feedback– student assessment of each others work is powerful. It helps both students reflect and project as to how the learning can be developed and brought on.

Self review and feedback- Self review is extremely powerful as a method of driving your own improvement. It starts; as all good review and feedback must, with honesty and decency. Students can only effectively become powerful self reviewers when they are clear about feedback from their teacher and their peers.

Peer Critique outline for students