Student Progress is the measure of how a school does it’s core work.

Progress is the most effective way of capturing the success of a school. Attainment can mislead, it shows where students are aginst national standards and norms. This is interesting and useful but it can give a flase picture. If you had a school that only picked the top 1% of students; they were all predicted to gain A* grades across the board, then to simply say you had attained 100 A*-C could actually be masking huge underachievment. This is exactly why teh DfE introduced Progress 8

With Progress measures, you are expressing how well students did against their expected outcome on arrival; what vlaue added did the school give to each and every child it has. I think you will agree, this is a much clearer and exacting way of measuring a school and what it does. In this way we can celebrate success for everyone, Progress 8 and raw attainers

We will of course celebrate academic success in both attainment terms and progress, but for us Progress is King!

So, if you want to know how well your child is doing click on the link to see our methods

In the rare occasions that students are not fulfilling their potential we have a very clear system of support