Celebrating success is at the heart of how we raise the standards in the school.

We are making a concerted effort to increase the profile of all of the merit categories in the school.

Students use their planners to record all of their merits into the five categories. It is important that they keep a good record of which area these should be in as the winners are able to be selected for national recognition in the Focus Trust National Awards event.

Every Friday House meetings record how many merits each student has achieved and in which category. Not only are individuals celebrated but the team ; the House success depends on each and every student seeking excellence.


The categories


Involvement:- Your teacher will award merits here for your positive approach and enthusiasm for the life of the school, how well you encourage others and foster a sense of team and sharing of common goals. Great students don’t just think success is about how they secure outcomes for themselves, they consider that they are part of a common community with shared values. As such they want to make sure others achieve.


Leadership:- You can be rewarded with merits when you take on responsibilities such as student leadership in committees and through group work in the lessons. Don’t think that excellent input in a lesson is always just academic achievement, it may well be that your teacher has identified you as a leader. Great school leaders take responsibility for themselves and others, they show respect for the feeling of others and don’t turn away from injustice but seek to resolve it. Loyalty to the school, the team and your values can be rewarded in this category.


Achievement:- This is the area most of the merits seem to go to. It should not surprise us but it is up to students to politely suggest that some merits that should be in the other areas should be relocated as a teacher awards them. Determination is a quality we all admire in others and being able to stick to a task that we find challenging is a quality that helps us throughout life.


Fulfilling potential:- The word resilience is at the heart of this area of award. Your capacity to return to the fray and take on your goals again and again is the measure of a truly effective student. It is no wonder that the Student of the Week and Call of Honour merits are placed here. Students that seek these levels of excellence after week upon week of not attaining it are really showing great personal qualities and features.


Management Skills:- How you work with others and how you organise resources, your time and your study is a fundamental for this category. Communicating with others, presenting and getting the message across are qualities that will see students rewarded here.