On this link you can see what we do in this process and how it ensures no child is left behind and that it encourages a culture of accountability in staff and students.

Day to Day

We start the tracking on a day to day basis by

  • Every teacher must adhere to a rigorous marking policy and ensure high quality feedback within a strict time limit.
  • Every lesson must conclude with a WWW (what went well)and an EBI (even better if) from each student
  • Every lesson must start with student responses to the previous marking to develop strong dialogue

All of the above is monitored by

  • Senior Leaders Learning Walks and drop in observations
  • Weekly scrutinies (each year group is targeted in a particular week)
  • Skills scrutineis (a cycle of drop in observations around the monitoring of skills:- questioning, differentiation etc.
  • Weekly full leadership meetings – where we discuss SOCs (Students of Concern)
  • Tutors- specific and recorded standards monitoring
  • SOTW (student of the week awards) must be clearly assessed and justified against tracking criteria

Tracking and monitoring

In the coming term a new OneSchool wide system of tracking and monitoring of students progress is to be developed . We will keep you informed as to how this will look. In principal, it will be very much like the system Stockport has used for the last four years but the timing of these reports may well change.

From the end of the academic year 2018 OneSchool has introduced a really strong and consistent baseline testing system (MAP) and this will be developed and explained in due course to all parents, students and members of staff