The Programme ‘Students of Advanced Skills’ (SAS) came about after Mr Wilson and Mr Bourne were at a conference about school inspections. Whilst lots of schools were seeking to show evidence that behaviour was good and welfare was being taken care of and issues of attendance were covered (all very important) we began to see that for some schools the important and pressing issues were ensuring that every child and every member of staff were being truly stretched to produce the very best of outcomes.

For teachers it is easy, they have national standards and there is even the AST scheme (further information on this in the documents link on the SAS page). We wanted to have a system that celebrated students reaching the very pinnacle of their craft as a learner.

We decided that this was going to be a critical new step for the school. The very next day Mr Wilson spoke to Travis and Kristel and they set up a SAS Think Tank.

SAS Think Tank


What are Advanced Skills?

The that can be downloaded here tells you all you need to know about what the scheme is and why we have decided to introduce it.

Student of Advanced Skills v3b

As you will see it is about students demonstrating that they

  • Do more to deepen their learning
  • Are critical people in moving on the learning of others
  • Realise that education is part of a life journey and want to promote the vision of the schools commitment to being world class
  • Can communicate this vision and commitment to others in an effective and comprehensive way